Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cat breed - Varieties of cats

Few people realize how many kinds of cats there are.
The fashionable world begins to discuss cats technically and understand their
various points of excellence.
The 'lord mayor's chain,' the 'Dutch rabbit markings,' and similar features are
understood by more cat fanciers than a few years ago; but, until within that time,
it is doubtful if the number of people who knew the difference between
the Angora and the Persian in this country amounted to a hundred.
It is but a few years since the craze for the Angora cat started.
These cats have been fashionable pets in England for some years back, and now America begins
to understand their value and the principles of breeding them.
Today, there are as handsome, well-bred animals in the United States as can be found abroad.
The demand for high-bred animals with a pedigree is greatly increasing,
and society people are beginning to understand the fine points of the thoroughbred. "

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New cat breed A Norwegian Forest Cat

New cat breed A Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are solidly built, with big bodies and long, powerful legs.

Many cat fanciers say the Norwegian reminds them of the Lynx, a wild cat with a similar appearance. This breed's graceful, furry tail is as long as its body and covered in long hair that gives it a elegant appearance.

The head of this cat is triangular and its brilliant green eyes have a slight slant. Overall, the breed looks very alert, instead of having a conventional placid appearance. This cat breed comes in a wide range of colors, including white and black.

You can find the Norwegian in self, tortoiseshell, smoke, tipped, tabby, and silver tabby patterns.
While the Norwegian Forest Cat's thick, long coat looks beautiful, you should be prepared to do a bit of grooming to keep it that way.

You will have to brush this cat's coat out onces a week or your cat may end up with a matted and tangled coat that will need to be shaved off. Since clipping a cat can be quite stressful for him, try to keep his coat free of tangles.

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