Monday, June 05, 2006

How to Pet-Proof Your Holidays end

How about some kitty baubles or doggie toys on the lower branches instead? Or, do what we did when we had both pets and little ones. We put the tree and gifts into a playpen. That may not stop Kitty, but at least the tree can't fall down as easily when she climbs it.

Another oft-forgotten item: if you have a live tree in water, wrap the base so your pets can't decide to take a drink of that watere and kewp the birds away from tae tree.aMany modern live trees have been sprayed with chemicals that may be toxic to your little friends.

Be very, very careful about candles. Your cat or bird may be enticed by the flicker of the flame, and may singe his whiskers or worse. Place glass "hurricane lanterns" or other attractive covers over candles to protect your home and your pets.

Think ahead to New Years Eve, and plan how to keep your pets from becoming frightened by the traditional firecrackers and other noisy merriment. Some dogs may be severely traumatized by fireworks, be sure to leave them inside if you go out to celebrate.

Pets, especially cats, may be stressed by the changes in household routine during the holidays, especially if you are stressed yourself. Some cats and dogs respond to stress by becoming hyper or hysterical, and some simply retreat. Plan to spend some special time with your pets to calm yourself and reassure them during this period, and if your pet is especially upset with strangers visiting, prepare a "refuge" he can go to and escape the "maddening crowd."

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